Edit H5P?


Hello! I have just started using H5P  and I have a question. Can H5P be edited once they are finished and saved? Thanks in advanced.

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Hi Tamara,

Yes you can! Depending on the platform you are using the "edit" button would either be at the top right or top left of the content.



I am using Moodle but the Edit option only allows me to edit the Moodle options, not the H5P.

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Hi Tamara,

I'm pretty sure you are using the H5P integration into the Moodle core and it is best that you check ask this question in the Moodle forum dedicated for H5P.


Hi, Tamara.

I am using an older version of Moodle (3.4) with the h5p plugin, so I'm not sure if this is the same for the newer integrated Moodle.  Nor am I sure how much the theme I am using affects the functionality, but...

When I open the h5p lesson, a new h5p option appears in the administration block, which then allows me to edit the h5p content.  See attached picture.

Also, from the course page (when I haven't clicked the h5p content to open it), the Moodle options --> "Turn editing on" brings up edit buttons beside each moodle content type.  You can then select "Edit settings" from the edit option beside the h5p content.  See 2nd picture.


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When I click on the Edit Buttons I can only see the Moodle Edition  (picture) but I cannot open the H5P to modify it again 

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Hi taexpon,

From your screenshot if not I'm not mistaken you are using the Moodle core integration of H5P. The Moodle forum would be the best place to ask for assistance with this issue.


This page from the moodle site might help.

H5P - MoodleDocs

...particularly this bit.

Creating and editing H5P content

To create and edit H5P content,

  1. Go to the Content bank, accessible when in a course from the Navigation drawer (Boost theme) or from Site pages in the Navigation block (Classic theme).
  2. Click the Add button and select a content type.

For more information, see Content bank.