Interactive Video / Youtube failing for Gsuite users unable to log into YouTube

Using Moodle 3.9.3 (Build: 20201109) with h5P module 1.21.0

We have many videos using the following versions of InteractiveVideo

Our institution does not allow Gsuite users to "log in" to Youtube.

We recently upgraded our Moodle instance; I'm not certain what prior H5P plugin level we used. When we attempt to play video from existing H5P interactive views we now get this error display.

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 8.07.47 AM.png

Examining the JS console log, I see we are getting 403 errors related to authentication. The individual 403's logs don't contain anything useful

We are able to watch videos directly on youtube, but unable to use the "SIGN IN" button to login because of Gsuite restrictions.


Is this a known problem? I've been looking through the commit messages and don't see anything related to youtube / auth.


I will also file this at

I'm not certain why the H5P forum doesn't show all the embedded images. They are available at the issue in github -