Piano Keyboard


I am building a music E-learning website with WordPress and LearnPress.

I am curious if I can have piano keyboard as quiz answering interface.  It would be handy if a learner clicks keys to select/choose answers.

Is it possible by H5P?


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Hi ouka1102,

Find Multiple Hotpots would be a good candidate for this activity.


Thank you!

This is really what I have been looking for!

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Hihihi ... https://github.com/otacke/h5p-todo/blob/master/README.md#piano-question

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Hi Oliver,

You read my mind. I was about to ask about a week ago, if you have some sort of a list of projects you are working on for H5P. I just totally forgot about it. Thank you for sharing this!


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Naah, this is not something I am working on, just something I have in mind for the future. I'll gladly help others if they want to give it a try though :-)


It is a nice content, except a player can complete the question by clicking the image randomly.  So I wanted it some game over option such as a limit of mistakes a player can make, or time up option.  But unfortunately, I found Find Multiple Hotpots is no longer updating.

Is there a way to find or hire someone to fix this?