Save maximum score WP!


I didn't get to test it, but my friend said that the H5P stores the user's recent results. I was wondering if he can keep only the maximum score obtained from each game instead of the most recent one? I want to use it as a kind of technical record of public progress, it would be boring for him to play again and get a lower score that overlaps the maximum he got.

PS: Wordpress Plugin 

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Hi Kevin!

The score related features of the H5P plugin for WordPress are pretty basic, so you might either want to talk to the H5P core team about amending the functionality in the plugin directly or you could use a plugin to hook in your own score keeping solution. The plugin "H5P user score" serves a different purpose, but the same approach could be used to build a highscore list :-)


why all content types weren't designed this way from the start continues to confuse me.

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Hi Cliff!

I don't think it needs to be confusing, I'll try to explain. This is not about content types - they are the same no matter what platform they run on, but it is about the specific integrations (aka plugins).

Moodle, for instance, already has a fully fledged grade book that can be used, whereas for WordPress or Drupal that would have to be created from scratch. I assume that you cannot spend unlimited resources if you give away the product for free and that's why the H5P core did probably did not.

On top of that, the source code of the H5P plugins for Drupal and Wordpress is openly sourced, so someone could easily pick that up and either add a gradebook feature to the H5P plugin and contribute the code directly or come up with a separate plugin - unfortunately, it seems so far nobody has been willing to invest the time (or money to fund the development).