Exclude directory from "h5p pack" command



I'm new to H5P developing. At the moment I wrote my first own widget (based on the awesome) tutorial for the spectrum color picker. Everything works well, but I'm a confused how I can exclude dev-dependencies when I run "h5p pack".

So my directory structure is as follows:

├─ node_modules/
├─ scripts/
├─ package.json
├─ library.json
├─ package-lock.json
├─ README.md

Now, when I run

h5p pack -r h5p-widget

It generates a h5p file as expected but the problem is that the h5p-file also includes the node_modules directory but in my case the node_modules directory contains dev-dependencies only. So is there any way to exclude this directory?

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You'd want to create a file called .h5pignore that works just like .gitignore files. This one should cover most cases ...


Awesome, works perfectly. Thank you very much, Oliver!

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You're welcome! Hope to see some cool new widget to see the light of day soon :-)