Interactive Video: Where is the "submit button"

I am having issues with videos with a few interactions and Activity Completion not working.

There are different posts that cover that.

The immediate issue is that I can not find anything that enables a submit button at the end of the video.

I've created about thirty interactive videos and have never seen anything that mentions a submit screen/buton at the end of the video.
Tutorials have nothing either.

I've looked at the grade book and it seems like they are not getting posted.

Thank you.


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Hi akmiecik,

Interactive Videos needs to have at least one graded activity for the Submit Screen to work. You check this short video on how to add or remove Submit screens.


So, I was getting "sumbit" screens because I had interactive questions but I did not a have THE submit button BV52 pointed out.

After figuring that out, I can create a video with interactive questions, add THE submit button, set Prevent Fast Forward under Summary Tab and the students will be then required to whatch entire video and the Activity Completion-Must Receive a Grade now works.

Thanks again