Detecting if all questions in Interactive Video answered correctly

I'm trying to figure out the best way to determine if a user has both a) watched an entire Interactive Video and b) answered all of the questions contained therein correctly. I can use something like if (event.getScore() === event.getMaxScore() ){ for individual questions or events, but I wasn't sure if there was anyway to check all of these within a parent activity (e.g., Interactive Video). I didn't see anything in the xAPI statement for Interactive Video to suggest there is.

Any tips on how I could use the xAPI statements to accomplish this? Ideally, I'd like a universal solution (i.e., one that would work for all Interactive Video content types, regardless of the number or nature of interactions it contains). Can something be added to the IV statement that serves as a sort of sum or tally of the total points possible? Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'm afraid we currently count the maximum score for Interactive Video as the maximum of the tasks the user visited. Since IV is adaptive some users won't visit all activities and that could be by design. We might add a scoring/completion setting for changing this in the future since many are in the same boat as you here. Doing what you try to do will require some digging and coding currently I'm afraid :/