No score?


I'd like to create a quiz without score, only the feedbacks to each answers would be what the learner would have to validate his understanding. Is it possible? I searched for hours now how I could figure it.


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Hi rejang!

Unfortunately not. Only a few content types like Essay have such an option. You'd have to customize H5P, possibly by overriding the stylesheets and hiding the score elements, correct/wrong indicators, etc.



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Hi rejang,

Just to add to this. Multiple Choice Question can also be configured to look like no score is given. You just need to choose all answers as correct and set the beahavioural settings as follows:

  1. Enable 'Give one point for the whole task'

  2. Pass Percentage is set to 0.


Sorry but I am new here and don´t understand if I have to pay something or not. My Engllish is not good enough to understand all the instructions. could someone help me in german?

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Hi Kessi,

I don't know German but I'll to help you out.The H5P plugin is free you just need to install it in any of the supported plugins. Please note that although the plugin is free you need to host your own contents and this will come at a cost, how much you may ask this will depend on your hosting provider.


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Hi Kessi!

Die kurze Antwort auf deine Frage lautet: Nein, H5P ist kostenlos. Du kannst mehr Informationen dazu auf finden.

Für vieles Weitere hilft dir sicher der gesamte Einstiegskurs ( auch weiter.

The short answer to your question is: No, H5P is free. You can find more information about that at

The complete introductory course ( will probably also help you with many other questions.