Repetition mode dialog cards not working Moodle 3.10

Hi everyone,

I installed Moodle 3.10 lately and found that the repetition mode was not working properly. When the user finished two rounds, he logged out, then came back to find that it had been reset to round 1. Have you experienced this before, and how can I fix it? Thank you.


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Hi Mao!

If you are using the H5P plugin for moodle (aka "black H5P"): Have you activated the "save content state" feature on the H5P settings page? If not, the state of previous round cannot be saved.

If you are using the moodle core version of H5P (aka "blue H5P") that was not created by the H5P core team but by the moodle core team, then you are out of luck, because as far as I know, that version currently does not support the "save content state" feature of H5P. You'd have to address the moodle core team and ask to add thar feature.


Oh, that's the blue H5P. Can I install the plugin (black) and use it at the same time, only for Dialog Cards? Thank you, Oliver.

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Hi Mao,

I'm using the core integration, plugin and LTI integration on my test site and so far so good.