translating interactive Video

Hello H5P community, 

I am new to H5P and have no coding experience. 

My situation: I have created my interactive video in German. But now I would like to have it translated to English, Spanish etc. as well. For this I transcribed the videos and found out that I can insert a subtitle via .vtt files. This I have also done and it works. 

Now I have the following question: is there any way I can translate my interactions to H5P? By this I don't mean the "forward/back" button or the "confirm" button. I mean the entire quiz that I have included, the fill in the blank text, drag and drop and infoboxes. How do I get these interactions internationalized/translated? It makes no sense to translate the quiz et in the subtitles. 

I tried to find an answer in the forum, because I am pretty sure someone else had a similar problem before, but I couldn't find a helpful solution that i understand (again - no coding experience). 

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.


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Hi Alisa,

I'm afriad there is no way of doing this automatically. Meaning you'll have to create multiple instances of the same content and change the language. The good news is that you don't actually have to create everything from scratch. You can use the import/export feature of H5P, then in the new content you can change the languages of the contents by going to the text and translations settings and choosing the language.