Will it be required to publish h5p content in public in moodle h5p hub?

Hi, my organization is using the Moodle h5p plugin to create h5p content instead using the Moodle core h5p version. As far as I understand, the Moodle h5p plugin will run as a H5P hub platform which allows people from different platforms to search and use H5P content. My concern is that some teachers in my organization will not want the h5p content they create to be in public because of possible copy right issues. In this case, will they be able to choose to publish the h5p content they create just within their Moodle site, which means that the h5p content will not be searchable and reusable by other platform users?

Thank you for reading. Have a great one.

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Hi totoro,

No, authors will have the option if they want to share their contents or not.


Thank you for the reply, BV.