Translating info text from activity selector on moodle


I'm using the H5P moodle plugin.

When  users click the "Details" button on the activity selector, they get a brief info text about the particular activity they selected.

Is there any way to translate that text?

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Hi Antonio!

This is not possible currently. The strings are provided by the H5P Hub server.




I don't know the current state of affairs regarding this issue (I imagine you are looking into it).

This is just to let you know I volunteer to translate those strings into Galician and Spanish whenever that becomes possible. Feel free to contact me if you want.

I am currently teaching H5P in moodle and lots of our students are really put off as they are unable to understand what a particular library does. Luckily, some of the library translations in our language are already rolling out ;-)

Thank you  for your work.