do Enable LRS dependent content types mod_hvp | enable_lrs_content_types send data outside Moodle?

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If I enable "Enable LRS dependent content types" (mod_hvp | enable_lrs_content_types) setting in Moodle will Questionnaire use Moodle as LRS-platform so no data is send outside Moodle?

do enable_lrs_content_types send data outside Moodle?
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Hi, Jarvil!

No student content (answers, etc.) is ever sent to other servers if you use the H5P plugin.

Setting that option just tells the plugin to also show/use content that don't make sense running on their own without some teaching person looking at the answers given.

One exeption is, of course, if you yourself e.g. set up xAPI forwarding to a Learning Record Store of your choice. In that case, results will be sent to that server. Another exception is if authors decide to share their content on the upcoming H5P OER Hub. In that case, the content will be sent to a central repository, but not user answers.