Hide or Restrict the Navigation slider in Presentations


We've got some courses which used h5p within learndash.  We have a number of course presentaions where the users have to read through a number of text /image slides and then there is a question on the summary slide to trigger the next lesson button to appear.

Is there any way to lock the navigation slider at the bottom to prevent users skipping pass the information slides?  If not can it be hidden so the only way to proceed is the left and right arrows?

I would prefer to make the bar read only to allow a visual indication of the users progress, is this possible?


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Hi Kevin,

Changing the progress bar to read only would need changes on the code. While hiding it may be possible by using a PHP hook, to add your own CSS-file to the content type. Please visit the Visual Changes page for more details. There is a way to hide the progress bar and that is to enable the "surface mode" please note that you cannot disable this once enable. It will also disable the summary slide so scores will not be generated.