[Solved] Interactive Book : The button to submit answers does not appear on the last page


I am using the "Interactive Book" content on a Wordpress site.

Everything is working perfect, except the button to submit answers which does not appear on the last page as expected.

What can be the problem ? Thank you.

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Hi zenplay,

Barring any issues in the back end, the reason why the Summary and Submit screen is that there are no scoreable content types within Interactive Book. If you have scoreable contents I susggest that you provide a sample page or content so that we can check.


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Hi zenplay! 

You presumably have not activated the " Enable LRS dependent content types" option in the plugin settings.



Yes, you are right !

It is working correctly now. Thank you !

hello , i am using the interactive book on a training i undertook , at the grades it displays the foolowing message

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 i however do not know how to submitt an answer to H5P 

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If you have enabled the "Enable LRS dependent content types" option in the settings of the H5P plugin, you will see a "Submit report" button on the summary page of an Interactive Book.


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I am using Interactive Book on H5P.com.  I am trying to include a "Submit Report" button at the end of the book that will send student responses to BrightSpace but I don't want them to see their scores.  In other words, I want the "Submit Report" button to appear without displaying student scores in each activity.  Is this possible?