Saving state of drag & drop


I created a drag and drop game, very easy, thanks to you.

I was wondering if there's a possibility to save a state when all answers are not all correct. For example, in this game, you have to move words at the right place. But when you check to see the result, all the word get back to theirs original places and you have to start the whole game again.

I'd like to save in place the words placed at the good place and only the wrongs one move back to theirs original state. 
Is there a possibility to do that ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pierre!

I have come across that question a couple of times, but so far nobody has implemented that function or funded the development (H5P is open source software).



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Hi Pierre!

I have implemented that "keep correct answers" feature (along with about a dozen other new features) in my forked version of Drag & Drop. Documentation and lots of examples on my drupal/h5p test site at