I've tried to follow the instructions here:

To try and add the Source Dialog plugin without success,

I'm on Wordpress using a custom plugin, could some one please give the relevant code to do this in both CKEditor settings and custom plugin?

Many thanks,

PS In the next release could I recommend changing CKEditor to the 'full' version here:

Or allowing a simpler way just to build your own CKEditor from the website and just import it into H5P, I think a lot of problems would be solved if that was possible and many more features available on demand

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I the only example code I can think of is found here:

Thanks for the tip.

- Tom

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Just to add to Tom Arild's answer, the reason why the full version of the CKEditor is not added is the amount of testing that would be required if it was. 

In order to maintain a good user experience across browsers, platforms, and content types the editor is purposefully limited. However, it is certainly possible to add whatever functionality you may require if you have a developer on hand to modify the source code.