LTI - again..

Two instances of Moodle 3.9 with native H5P implementation, Interactive Video 1.22.4.

On the LTI source grading works just fine with interactive video. Feeding the same content through an LTI link results in NO grades when played on the LTI consumer. Neither on the LTI server nor on the LTI consumer are any grades recorded. On the other hand, if I manually change the grade in the grading book on the LTI server, the change is directly acknowledged on the consumer in the otherwise unresponsive H5P activity. Apparently the Interactive video fails to send grades through LTI while the gradebook does. Any thoughts?

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Hi ps229,

You mentioned LTI so I assume that you are using to host your contents. If this is correct I suggest that you contact support directly by following the instructions on this page.


No I self-host 2 instances of Moodle, one is an LTI server, the other one is the LTI consumer as per my description above. Nothing to do with