MC Feedback is Hidden (accessibility problem)

Found a bug in the MC content type. There's an aria-hidden="true" in the DIV that contains the feedback for a multiple choice question, which, though visible to those who can see, hides the feedback from screen readers. Easy fix. Just remove the attribute. There's no effect elsewhere from what I can tell.

Here's the offending line:

We've edited our local version so we're good. Using the Wordpress plugin V1.15.0. Hoping the fix makes it into the next release.

Submitted a pull request with the fix. 


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Hi Greggy!

I am not on my desktop right now and can't check multiple choice quizzes live, but I assume that the written text was hidden for readspeakers, because it's read immediately whenever addFeedback is called ( and Not sure if some readspeakers read it twice this way.




The feedback text is completely innaccessible to screen readers if its hidden with aria-hidden. If it is being read twice, then perhaps the readspeaker output should be removed, so both screen readers and readspeaker get the same content from the feedback area itself. Readspeaker users also have the option to stop reading, if it reads a second time. Screen readers should not be denied access for the convenience of Readspeaker users (no offence to Readspeaker users).

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I am absolutely not an expert on that topic and I am not arguing for or against either way. I just had a look at the code and observed that there feedback seems to be read and shared that observation.

Just bumping this accessibility issue back into view.