Is there anyway to make interactive content be a prerequisite for passing in my company's LMS?


I'm currently interested in intergrating certain H5P features onto my company's LMS. However, I cannot seem to find a way in which I could make the embeded contents from the H5P become a prerequisite for learners to pass a certain subject or sub-section. Is there anyway for this intergration to work? 

For context, the LMS that we used in our company is not listed as an LMS that already has intergation features with H5P, such as moodle or blackboard. The LMS that we are currently using is proprietary and is used only by our company.

Thank you so much! Would like to hear some advices from others

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Hi Anwar,

This is possible if the below scenario is true:

  1. Your LMS supports LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3
  2. You have a license with
  3. There is a setting/feature in your LMS similar to activity completion in Moodle.

If the above scenario are all true, you can setup the LTI integration of with your LMS. Once the user passes the questions in the Interactive Video your LMS can capture the information and unlocks "activity completion.