Interactive Book - Subsections

Dear H5P team,

Is there a way to structure the Interactive Book into chapters, sections, subsections? (Preferably, each subsection has its own page)

Here ( some subsections appear, but I did not figure out to create some subsections (I use h5p inside a moodle system). Are these subsections somehow generated automatically?


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Hi Benjamin,

The sub-sections are generated automatically. It is not possible to have subsections to have their own page. A rule of thumb when you see "reuse" on a specific content that you'd like to pattern your own content, you are free to download the content and upload into your system so that you can check exactly how it was created.


Thank you! Headlines in the text are translated into subsections. However, separate pages would be nice.

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First of all, thank you for the marvellous app. I am still beginning to use this app, but I am used to creating content packages using eXeLearning and at the moment I am working with a group of teachers in order to create material for blended learning courses for next academic year. We were suggested to change from eXeLearning to H5P and that is why I would like to make some suggestions, in case they are feasible.

  • I find the text editors a bit basic, I would like to have the possibiltity to play with colours, which can only be used with the text content.
  • Also, I would like some activities were included in the Interactive book such as the flashcard app, a drop down activity or image sequencing
  • The table is quite simple, for example including colour in the background could be interesting to present  content. And being able to combine a table with a fill in the blank or drop down could be awesome.
  • It is also a pity that when we are creating text we cannot include images, in the same way as we do in a newspaper article, for example.

And these are some of my suggestions.
Thank you very much!
Susana Aldao

Interactive Book type is superb, but I second with Saldao especially when she mentioned the fact that it is not possible to embed images using text. Actually you can insert images by using presentation content type inside interactive book type, but problem with this solution result in the confusing result that the learners will face two navigations; one is for interactive book, and the other for presentation content type. I tested out this user interface for Korean learners, and they find the two navigations are very confusing for them. Therefore, I suggest allowing users to use text editors with Interactive Book content type so they can embed images, insert links etc. Thank you.

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Making the headers in the content makes the subsections, like in the berry example!

Has anyone tried to use the anchors in the interactive ebook? I'd like to link on a piece of text on one page to jump to another page in the same ebook? Anyone know how to do this? 

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Hello there,

Someone can tell me if is it possible to insert a flashcards activity as a sub-content in an interactive book?


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Hi Juan,

I'm afraid this is not possible. Flashcards is not a content that you can create in Column which is the backbone of Interactive Book.



Is there a way to make sure students actually complete all tasks on a page (for example click on all interactive hotspots) before they are able to move on to the next page of the interactive book? I would like to avoid users just clicking through the exercise without doing anything.


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Hi Indersee,

There is not feature to track nor force the students to interact with the content. However what I have seen others do is add simple exercises/knowledge check every page/chapter to ensure that they actually interact with the content.