Export H5P to use in an LMS that has no H5P plug-in


Hello dear Sir of Miss, 

I work as a Moodle developer in Belgian healthcare. 

A contact of mine (Belgian hospital) would like to use H5P content in their LMS. Their LMS does not have a plug-in for H5P. (No Moodle, Drupal of Wordpress on site). 

Is there a way to export H5P so they can use your amazing authoring tool in their platform?

Highly appreciated if you can answer my question. 

Kind Regards, 


Senior e-learning consultant Infolearn



export H5P for integration in LMS?
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Hi Katrien,

It's good to hear that there are more people interested in H5P and thank you for helping them out :-)

For your question there are several platforms that H5P currently does not support, but soon will be supported through H5P.com. H5P.com will also integrate third party software to offer support for large videos, math, analytics and storing results in the LMSs.

You can go to H5P.com to learn more and sign up for updates.