Quiz results don't show on mobile phone (Wordpress)

Hi there,

Thanks to the user-friendly format of H5P I was able to create a nice quiz, which I embedded in my Wordpress website. Works fine on desktop and laptop, but not on mobile phone: the results page won't show. I hope you can help me!

Many thanks,Tineke

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Hi TinekevanKooten,

Thank you for the nice words :-)

Please provide the following to help us check the issue:

1. OS of the mobile phone.

2. URL where you embeded the content.

3. If possible please attach the H5P here.


Hi BV52 (?),

Thanks for your questions, that helped... It seems I tried with an older version of iOS, now I downloaded a new version: 10.3.3 and everything works fine. Thanks again!

Best, Tineke


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That's great news! Thank you for the details I've taken notes just in case a similar question comes up the in future :-)