how to add text for name and add date also

hi all

i need help

how to add text for name and add text for date on the (Quiz (Question Set)

and how export the report for this quiz

with the best complement

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Hi shumat208,

Welcome to H5P!

I'm sorry but can you please elaborate your question about the texts. You can use a name or dates on the contents imbeded in the Question Set

For your second question it depends on which platform you are on:

  • WordPress: Navigate to the H5P list (wp-admin/admin.php?page=h5p), and click results for the relevant H5P.
  • Drupal: When viewing a node you should see a "results" link
  • Moodle: In the gradebook

If the data found here is not what you are looking for, you could have a look at H5P's support for xAPI