Audio recorder files on Wordpress server


I want to create a wordpress page where my users can:

  1. Record their voices using Audio recorder,
  2. Then have their recording available to other users to browse via a playlist.
  3. And ideally, users should be able to enter their name when recording...
  4. So that other users can comment on and share a speicific user's audio recording. 

So I created an audio recorder in H5P and put in on my visual composer page. I can record and download the wav too. That's where I'm stuck!

Is it possible to make such a page using H5P in wordpress? and if so, how?

Many thanks for your input!

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Hi ,


Thank you for the information. The first H5P conference is happening this week and the H5P core team are facilitating the activities. They will try to answer your question asap or if someone in the community have some inputs feel free to post it here.



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Audio Recorder does not currently save to the server. It may need to be improved in the future in order for that to be possible. 

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If this is for educational purposes, you may want to have a look at ANVILL, our speech-focused tool primarily designed for language teaching and learning. It offers the functionality you describe and much more. And, now thanks to H5P's Interactive Video tool, it also has great way to present and assess listening comprehension, too.



Jeff M.

Thanks guys for the feedback. I evaluated Heyoya and find it an adequate solution for now. Looking forward to developments on H5P.