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I am ecstatic, created my first drag & drop item, and it works. Looked for answers to make it do what I want, and there are only two things I have not been able to find: (a) The reuse button; I see it in videos, but do not see it on my item. Is reuse a premium feature I don't have with my free version? (b) I have not found a way to eliminate the button at the bottom. That's okay. I got mine to be blue and say "Check", but no matter how well or poorly you do, whether you drag 3 or 13 labels over, it only says "1 of 1". From what I see, it is not working correctly for me. I also wrote success messages that displayed very small, and not the way I wanted. What I want is for the player to drag and drop 100% of the labels. Once that's done, I want 1 of 5 or 8 success messages to appear. Or stars to dance, like at the end of a solitaire game. Can I do this? As always, thank you. Page is https://www.hebrewlion.com/learn/vocab/bonnie/.

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Hi ronaki,

First of all the page that you provided is asking for a password so I won't be able to check your content.

With regards to your concern:

  1. Re-use is not a premium/paid feature. It is possible that the option is not enabled. You can check this documentation on how to do this. Please note that the documentation provides steps in general, and since you did not mention which platform you are using I cannot provide the exact steps.
  2. With regards to the scoring, Drag and Drop is one of the most complicated if not the most complicated content types in terms of scoring. Having said this a sample content is needed to see what could be causing the issue.

Lastly I suggest that you include screenshots of what you are seeing on your end. This will help the community members get a better "picture" of what is happening.


Thanks, BV, so glad to know reuse may work for my next project. I clicked the documentation link and, as you said, it is nonspecific. I see it can't be done, but not how to do it. Still need help. I am using H5P in a Wordpress.org site, current version, on a Windows10 PC. Below is a screen shot of the 2nd tab of "Jeff." He's a drag/drop item, with labels on the right side. I was able to copy/paste labels & hot spots. How do you reuse or duplicate all of Jeff (photo, hotspots, labels & all), call it Lucy, swap out the boy's face for a girl's, and call it a day?

Hopefully, with this information, you have a better idea of my platform--or if there is something else, LMK. With my thanks & respect, Roni.

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Hi Roni,

From what I understand you would like to reuse your content on the same website. You can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the content in edit mode you would like to reuse.
  2. Click on "copy" which can be found just below the content picker.
  3. Create a new content.
  4. Click on Paste.

After this you can make the changes on the content. Please be advised to never click on Paste and Replace this only means that you are in a different window and may be replacing an already existing content.



I got it! The screen shots & steps were key. Thank you!