Uploading powerpoint slides


I am wondering if there are anyway I can upload a large powerpoint slides with 50 pages.  I have 60 of them.  If not, I can convert them into jpg, with 1 file for each slide because there are online tools doing that.  But is there any way to batch upload a bunch of jpg?  There is a flash card tool, but it seems that I will have to upload the picture one at a time.  If there isn't such a tool, what would be the most efficient way to do it?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Wallace!

Not yet, but it's high up on the feature request list (https://h5p.org/most-popular-feature-requests and it was announced as well, cmp. https://youtu.be/x7kx0DEtc-k

Don't know a good way to streamline that process.



Hi Oliver.  Thanks for your reply.

Looking forward to the powerpoint to H5P tool.

Meanwhile, are there any requests for the picture batch-upload tool?  That would be another useful function too.  Can't find it under the "Most popular feature requests".  Probably only me then.

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I fear BV will have to answer that. I am just an observer of this forum and don't know what request the H5P core team receives via different channels.



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Hi Wallace,

It's not asked often but there have been some requests regarding a batch upload tool/feauture. Here's an example of this: https://h5p.org/node/858582.