Examples & Downloads filter categories?

On the Examples & Downloads page under the Content Types heading: What is the difference between the Larger Resources and Tasks filter categories? I first thought that it is separating single activities and bundled activities (like the Quiz/Question set type), but Quiz/Question sets are also under Tasks and those are bundled activities. So what is the definition of those categories? I would like to know so I can explain it better during professional development workshops.
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Hi nschildre,

I apologize for the delayed response. The categories are geared more towards the H5P OER Hub, however to give you an idea below is a rough description of these categories:

  • Larger Resources - Bundled/Complex content types that allows you to create simpler contents within them. It also include content types that allows you to upload files (e.g. Videos and Images).
  • Tasks - Mostly but not all are content types that generate scores that can be tracked by an LMS/LRS
  • Other - Contents that are geared towards presenting a lesson rather than a quiz type activity.