Course Presentation IE11 Video Issue

Hi all, 

I have the latest H5P installed on my Moodle site and have created a Course Presentation. This works great in FF and Chrome etc but when trying to play the embed video in IE11 the error (see image attached) appears. I have uploaded the file as both .mp4 and .webm into the wizard but no luck.

Weirdly I can add the .webm file direct to the Moodle coursepage and IE11 is quite happy to play it but it refuses to play the .mp4 file despite it playing other .mp4 files on the page. (see error2 image)

The issue shouldn't be the .mp4 file as surely the other browsers wouldn't play it if there was an issue with the file?

Any help for a very frustrated teacher?





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Hi Colin,

I'm sorry to hear that this is causing delay in creating contents.

Can you please re-attach the images. Please enable developer tools (F12) in IE and post here if you have any error logs.


Here are the attachments again.

What I have since discovered is that everything works okay in IE11 on Windows 10 but this may be a 32bit Windows 7 IE11 issue only.



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As you suggest this seems to be an issue with Windows 7 and IE11. You can try to turn "protected mode" OFF for the IE11 browser, like the following answer suggests: This should make it possible for your browser to get the correct codecs to display the video. Be sure to turn it off afterwards though, as having this option enabled will make it easier for malicious software to be installed from your browser.


Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work for me. I have though fixed the issue by just re-encoding the video file as .mp4 and re-adding it to the course presentation and it has worked fine. Quite why the original wouldn't play in IE11 but was fine in Chrome, Edge and FF is beyond me.

I appreciate the help.



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Good to hear you figured it out :)

Maybe it has to do with the content of the mp4 file, e.g. the codec used?