Colors for Vowels


I just created this in PowerPoint, but would rather continue in H5P. LMK if there is a tool to do the following, as I describe my PowerPoint:

  1. The slide contains 12 text placeholders. The first is at the top. The next 8 are all small and aligned at the bottom of the slide.
  2. In placeholder 1 I type an entire word: HEAPING
    In placeholder 2, I type a single letter: H
    In placeholder 3, I type a single letter: E
    In placeholder 4, I type a single letter: A
    In placeholder 5, I type a single letter: P
    In placeholder 6, I type a single letter: I
    In placeholder 7, I type a single letter: N
    In placeholder 8, I type a single letter: G
  3. I delete the remaining placeholders, since I won't use them for this word.
  4. Since the objective is to help learner identify vowels, I begin with first vowel and click placeholder 3. I add an animation (type=Emphasis/Font Color), choose a bright color, and associate the animation with the specific placeholder. I repeat the process at placeholders 3 & 6.
  5. Now that the PowerPoint is ready, you start a slideshow. Slide 1 shows HEAPING spelled twice. Once at the top of the page (just for show), and again at the bottom, each letter in an individual placeholder, which looks a little wonky, spacing-wise. I ask the student to identify vowels. The student says H, I say no. Student says E, I say 'very good' and I click the individual E. Its color changes from black to the bright color. And so on...

Thank you for your advice. I love H5P and prefer to use it, if I can. Moreover, I am experienced with PowerPoint, but it took WAY too long to create 8 little slides this evening. It's not the right tool for the job.

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Hi Roni,

It's not exactly the same however you can use Course Presentation or Quiz (Question Set) then place Mark the Words inside them. I created 2 sample contents for you:


i'll dive deep and experiment with the 2 you suggeste