use branching scenario to navigate to different web pages

I begin to evaluate the branching scenario activity which looks great.

I would like to be able to have branching scenarios where, based on quiz result or branching question, the user could navigate to different web pages.

I tried to put some HTML a tags in the answers, but it seems that these HTML tags are cleaned on save, and the links are not available.

Please tell me how to proceed to get this working.


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Hi atriaforever!

I am not completely sure where you tried to enter the link. If you mean one of the "alternative text" options, then yes: Those are not supposed to work as a link. But you can attach feedback that will be displayed after clicking on the alternative options, and that field allows HTML, so also links - at least in the latest version of branching scenario. The same is true for the "End scenario feedback text".


Hi Otacke, and thanks a lot, it works exactly as expected.