Translating labels and default texts

I am trying to change the editor interface for h5p.DragnQUestion library to Turkish, but I couldn't fix that. I have used the tutorial and added a tr.json file /sites/default/files/h5p/libraries/H5P.DragQuestion-1.0/language/tr.json but still it didn't effect the display. I have also tried to change /sites/default/files/h5p/libraries/H5P.DragQuestion-1.0/semantic.json and changed english labels with Turkish translates yet it didn't affect the display also. I have cleared cache everytime btw. Still it doesn't affect. I think there is some thing cahcing the old semantic.json or am I changing the wrong files? I need this drag and drop question interface to be translated and actually not using i18n module on my drupal site. Dunno if I should install that module , I have set up all the links page urls and this module will add /tr to the url so this will break a lot of content. Is there a way to change core files in such a way to translate english labels into Turkish. Excluding the updateing the module problem, how can ı change the albes into Turkish?  In short, the changes I made in semantics.json file doest affect the display. I have checked devel tab and saw json_content is same and din't changed yet my semantic.json file already modified. I am sure this is not a big work but I just couldn't figure out how to change those labels and texts inside editor. 

I have checked database and saw the language files are stored there but still those language files are callaed if I sue i18n or some translation module, isn't it? If possible, I don't want to use a translation module in first , and wanan change the hardcoded labels if possible. 


Please I need immediate help. Thanks for the module btw, it is amazing and saved me a lot of time.

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The semantics and translation files are only read when the H5P files are uploaded to your site. If you provide us with the turkish translation file in a comment below we'll add it to the official version of Drag Question and you can upload that new H5P file to your site and the translation will be installed. By providing the turkish translation file in this forum you agree to letting us making it part of the MIT licensed Drag Question library, and thus gives us the rights to change and distribute your work.