Documentation tool - Links in "Fill in additional help information" error

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The error is showing up in : Fill in additional help information:

Error is : Links to a file deposited within Moodle depository not working for a student logged in. 

(But working for when admin logged in)

Moodle 3.1.1 (Build: 20160711)


H5P v1.5 (all content types updated)

Note: Using nadavkav/moodle-atto_hvp hack. 

Moodle error - Invalid user id

I have put the same links into the Atto header and Student can access the link. 

Also, have tested with a link same document out to a Gdrive repository and client can access it. 

Seems something about copying the link that moodle is providing and it's not transposing into the H5P activity

Work around for now is loading file to Gdrive and sharing. 

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Make sure that anyone who's supposed to see the H5P is granted the following permission mod/hvp:getcachedassets. E.g. the guest users does not receive this permission by default and needs to have it set.