Guides to Use Cases for Diverse Content Types

  • What's the most straightforward guide to which use case fits which content type?

I know there are many resources available to help creators select the proper content type. Yet we keep hitting the same stumbling block with creators: they have something in mind and don't know which content type would fit the bill.

So, for context... Over the years, I've been recommending H5P to diverse people. In fact, I've made such recommendations in a variety of unrelated contexts. It's quite remarkable how it ends up opening people's horizons.

Recently, as I've rejoined Quebec's college system as a technopedagogical advisor, I've noticed that quite a few teachers have been making their way to H5P on their own or they welcome the suggestion when I make it.

Thing is, even people who have been creating a lot of content in H5P get a pleasant surprise when they hear about a new use. The typical example is the "Documentation Tool", which people rarely try even though the Word export could be the best solution to a problem they face. Some of the use cases are truly innovative, in the Michael Schrage sense. In OE Global Connect, Alan Levine just gave this great example using the "Personality Quiz" for scholarly literacy.

As our team publishes inspiring real life stories on teachers using diverse tools to enhance their courses, the more diverse examples we get of H5P use, the better.

So, again, I realize there are diverse resources to guide people. Has there been one which is optimal in your context?

Among those I find somewhat useful, there's the set of content type recommendations (from .com) and the periodic table.

H5P periodic table -

Even then, though, I haven't found such things sufficient to get teachers' creative juices flowing.

Also, no disrespect for our Norwegian friends... In my experience, teachers (including myself) aren't connecting that closely with the berry-obsessed examples as we'd be hard-pressed to find situations in which they'd be fully relevant. (Even in programs about small-fruit orchards.)