Video Quiz made possible by H5p


I am the founder of, Earlier this year, we thought of having a video quiz for the students based on the latest technologies with human touch.

See the output you will really amazed since it almost like someone guiding you through the quiz.



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Ah, those are really neat. Thank you for sharing!

Hello manovee,

Your graphic creations look amazing. But what we are mostly interested is the timed out part. We would like to implement it for our very young students.

We tried -without succeeding- again and again the time-out feature. How did you do that? Would it be possible to share the code so we can use it as well? It would be a great help to us.

Thank you in advance,



I would be glad if the code helps you.

Please contact me at [email protected] to get the code.

I second that! How interesting - our young learners would also appreciate that. Very clear and guided - I like the audio recording and your encouraging voice when we get a wrong answer. (Haven't gotten a right one yet...).

It's interesting to know that many here like the approach, we have made around 60 videos like that. But all of them are realted Indian Current Affairs, so you probably find it difficult to guess..