An option to buy the live engagement tools

Hi, it is pleasing to see how H5P grows. I also appreciate the contribution the H5P community have been making to education. It is eye-opening to find the live engagement tools are available, which had been one of the much wanted content types. It is understandable that the feature is only available for members because they deserve premium features. However, I think other people and organizations also want to contribute to H5P community by buying the live engagement tools. Upon that, could you make the option to pay for the live engagement tool libraries without subscribing to As you know, some organization including my organization resort to self-hosted system such as Moodle, Wordpress and Drupal to use H5P. If they also have the opportunity to utilize the live engagemet features by buying the libraries, I expect that many of them will think it is an opportunity to contribute to H5P community. I would appreciate it if you consider making this feature available. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Hi totoro,

I have discussed this with the developers in the H5P core team. Please give us more time to decide since there are several factors to consider (technical and other things). I'll get back to you once we came up with a concrete decision/plan.



Same here... that would be great! I love h5p but I feel like it's getting commercial and new features are only offered to paying customers. That's sad...

We have no option to use so the only possibility to use the new tools would be using it on our server. We would also be willing to pay for it.

Please consider it. Thank you!

I've been looking at many options for these sorts of tools to embed in my online readings. Looking at, polleverywhere, kahoot, menti, etc. As I'm already using H5P, I'd love the option to just stick with the same platform as opposed to using multiple versions. 


Hi, is there any progress about allowing general users to buy the live engagement tools? It would be really wonderful news for many people if the option is possible. Thank you.

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Hi Everyone,

No decisions yet I'm afraid.


Hi BV52,
It would be great if there would be a (if necessary payed) solution for this. I'm looking forward a lot to try out the live engagement tools.
Kind regards,

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I'd contribute as well. I don't care about using the tools, but having the APIs would be a great playground for developing new content types :-)

any news about this?

Really sad for open source, that these tools are kept for paying customers only...

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Hi leopittoni!

While I agree that it would be very cool to have those tools openly sourced, open source development and maintenance needs to be funded. What's your suggestion to solve this problem?