(500) Unable to interpret response.

I can not upload a file to h5p :(


Unable to interpret response.
Please check your error log.

Steps to recreate.

Vist https://h5p.org/presentation click reuse and download .h5p
With moodle or wordpress (two different websites)
Select h5p -> Upload downloaded .h5p file. Wait for error

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Hi Paul!

I have been waiting for the error on

  • WordPress version 5.7.2 and the H5P plugin version 1.15.3,
  • moodle version 3.8.3 and the H5P plugin version 1.21.0, and
  • moodle version 3.9.7 and the H5P plugin version 1.22.3.

I could upload the file without problems on all of them.

Have you checked the (PHP) error log as it was suggested? An 500 error could be anything, for instance a PHP timeout that's set too small.


Unfortunatly after a lot of back and forth with myhost provider (crazydomains) they won't let me see the php error log!

Can anyone recomend a hosting provider? 

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Hi Paul!

You're most likely running on a shared server where the PHP log is also shared by all sites using that server - and your provider may not have established a way to determine which log entry belongs to what website.

I am very content with uberspace, but they are targeting users who don't mind getting their hands a little dirty themselves - and then have lots of options (including access to logs). Not sure if you're rather looking for a hosting provider that reduces complexity a little more.