Problem between version H5P with Moodle

We have created H5P activities with Moodle 3.3. We will migrate our moodle version to 3.9. We know that H5P is now integrated to moodle, we doesnt use to install the plugin ... but how can we recover our old H5P activities to save them as .h5p and to upload them in the content bank???? Because with the older plugin H5P we have only these menus:

  • Displays action bar and frame
  • copyright button


We have not:

  • allow download
  • Embed button
  • copyright button

So we can not download our old H5P content!

And I think it's not a good idea to continue to work with two version of H5P on Moodle!!!

Could you help us and explain to us how we can do that, please?

Thank you very much,





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Hi Emmanuelle,

If you place a check on "Displays action bar and frame" it should show you the "reuse" button at the bottom of the content.


Thank you very much BV52! I had read that there was a reuse button somewhere but I had not found it (I didn't undestand where it was!! Now I found it: I tried this mornig and it works!

And I bookmark the link of otacke: I will test it too.

Thank you and have a nice day,


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Hi Emmanuelle!

There's a migration tool that allows you to transfer H5P content from the plugin working space to the content bank:



Hi otacke,

We have tested the plugin and it works great: we have used this solution because the two versions of H5P are not compatible. Thank you very well!!!!