Questions from Moodle to H5P – for further usage in H5P

Hello all,

we have no problems using h5p in moodle. My team did ask me though wether it is possible to export moodle questions/tests as file – and to import those questions to h5p. 

Moodle does support exporting questions in the following formats (and I have no idea whats the differenzes are) – but that could be a starting point.

  • Aiken
  • GIFT
  • moodle xml and XHTML (xml is preferable for single questions)

Is there a way to import questions from the moodle question data base into to h5p (especially via GIFT/all questions or XML/single question)?

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Hi Jens!

I don't think there's a ready-to-use tool, but there's a tool created by Sebastian Rettig that allows to programmatically create Dialogcards and Flashcards from CSV files. This is not a direct solution for your problem, but that tool could be extended to support other content types as well, and I don't see a reason why it should not be possible to add support for other input formats.

You can find the tool at