Ratings / Quiz reports in Moodle

Hello all,

my understanding was, that content created in h5p did have ratings only within the exercise itself. Recently I read, that moodle does have access to these ratings to include them to the other ratings within moodle.

For example - the course does have two moodle test and one h5p content. – And up to now the over all rating in moodle did ignore the scores of the h5p content – to pass the exam only the moodle content did count / could be used.

We rather would prefer to use all data for this purpose automatically (in the given example: two test and the h5p content). 

  • Is this possible?
  • When yes – do we have to pay attention to special settings – or does this work automatically, e.g. does h5p integrate itself seamless with the counting of points and success reports in moodle?

Importing via iframe in moodle has no connection to the user and his success (only via control wether the activity was startet/used). So this cann't be the solution.

Best regards