Insert H5P from content bank (not possible after update)

Dear all,

we recently did an update on moodle (3.9) and the latest H5P version. The plug-in behaviour seemed to be changed. In the former version, I was drafting H5P in the content bank and then linked or inserted it to the H5p activity. However, now I can create the content directly in the H5P-activity, what is great, but I could not find how to insert/link my H5P-resources from my existing content bank. I only see the option to upload content. The logo changed also from blue to black (just for the idea of the version).

Is there any possibility to change the settings, that I can insert the content directly from the Content Bank? Or did something went wrong during the installation?

Thank you


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Hi Andreas,

You were previously using the Moodle core integration of H5P which was created by the the Moodle team (blue icon H5P). The black icon H5P is the plugin that was developed by the H5P core team hence the difference in how they function and interact with the Moodle environment (i.e. one can access the content bank while the other cannot).