Automate creation of multiple Choice

Hi there,

i do have about 200 multiple choice sets in json format (Questions, answers, correct answers).

Is there a way to automate the creation of these 200 mc in h5p? Is there a import function? Or do I have to create something like a script in iMacros?

Thank you  :-)


I got now this tipp from a friend:

use the text mode in quiz content type. There you can enter all questions, answers and correct answers as text. I just have to convert my json-file into another format.

Thanks to all.


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There is a new plugin available to do this through Moodle It supports creating of indvidual multiple choice and single single choices sets from multiple choice questions and guess the answer, flash cards and dialog cards from short answers. Any import Moodle import format can be used to convert them to H5P and then load them to or any other site supporting H5P. It can be used as a online tool if you do not have a Moodle instance.