Can Hp5 be used on Adobe Experience Manager?


Can Hp5 be installed on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) ? Or is there a way I can embed the content from Hp5 onto an AEM website? Thank you.

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Hi Cheryl,

I don't have any experience using Adobe Experience Manager, however if it allows you to insert iFrames you should be able to use the embed feature of H5P. You can read more about embedding in this page.


Hi BV52,

Thanks for the reply. So does this mean that I should create the content on HP5 and then embed the code into AEM using iFrames?

Is the content available for anyone to see on HP5? Just clarifying as I think I read something along those lines on HP5. Thanks.

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Hi Cheryl,

I wouldn't suggest that you create "real" contents in The site is designed for testing purposes. Feel free to create test contents so that you can test if it will work with AEM.

Once you are done testing you can either host your contents or sign up for a license in

For your other question, yes contents created in are always published publicly.