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I just realized that I lost two content types after the upgrade to the latest release and libraries? hangman and impressive presentation are both not visible any more on my site?? help please..


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What? How did you do that update? Very strange... Please let me know how you updated. Did you do it automatically through WordPress?

I usually update the libraries from the h5p libraries tab... but this time i kept getting icons not showing up on the course presentation editor so i tried to uninstall and reinstall the module that erased all libraries and updated them with new ones.. I went and downloaded impress presentation and it worked but I'm unable to download hang man... also all content on site is no longer available. .. would it be possible to add hangman to ..


I'm using drupal 7...



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Ok :) We've stopped distributing Impressive Presentation in the "official package". Hangman is probably an experimental content type you've found somewhere else. Perhaps on Most Drupal modules deletes the associated content when uninstalled. They are supposed to. H5P does the same... :/

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Will impressive presentation make it back to h5p or will it be removed completely i believe it is worth while to have as part of h5p is it a really beautiful content type...

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Hi! It hasn't been discontinued, it just isn't in the package that most people use since it has a steep learning curve for authors. It will be receiving updates, and I agree, it is a very interesting content type.