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I'm using H5P Wordpress plugin and I was wondering if is it possible to extract only the questions from an activity? I saw that there is a JSON in the .h5p package that I could parse to achieve what I want, but is there a backend way to do this using H5P-PHP-Library in order to maybe make another Wordpress plugin able to achieve this? My objective is to get the questions and be able to make print ready question set.

I tought that the content was stored in the database but finally found that all the content is stored in the local JSON file.

Any advice would be appreciate.. thanks in advance.

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Hi Wezzo,

Unfortionatly there isn't any way to extract questions from any of the compound types (QuestionSet, Interactive Video, Course Presentation, ...). So maybe you can to hack it the way you said.

The H5P content you create actually only lives in the database (also the JSON you have seen), in WordPress it should be named "H5P_CONTENTS".

But when you press "download", it will create a .h5p-file, which is a renamed zip-file, containing all the content types (JavaScript, css) needed, as well as a json-file with the data for this exact piece of content.

Did I answer your questions?

- Tom

Yes, thanks a lot I have the information I was looking for.