Open Link in new window using interactive content

Hi everyone,

I am creating interactive content (at totata_learn) for an online course. In each chapter, I write some text but whithin this text, words should be marked and linked to an external page (e.g. Wikipedia etc.) where the user can find specific definitions, more informations etc.. When starting the course, the user clicks on "Open" to open the interactive content which fills the whole monitor.

The problem is, when clicking on a linked word, the user will be lead to another page in a new tab in the same browser window as totara (depending on how the link was defined (Pop-up etc.)) while leaving the "presentation" which fills the whole monitor. Afterwards, the user has to open the interactive content again and start from the beginning. It woul be better, if a new even smaller Pop-up window would be opened in front of the presentation whithout leaving it so that the user can read what he/she wants, close the Pop-up window and continue with the course (which still fills the whole monitor).

I know that I can add a "Link" when adding new content whithin a certain chapter but here the problem is the same: you must leave the interactive content/online course in the nice "presentation mode" (filling the whole monitor) to open an external link in a new tab.

I would be really happy if someone has experience with this.


Best, Luisa

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