Deprecated NOT automatically updated

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I have been using H5P for a long time

Recently I had a server issue and have to REINSTALL Moodle from scratch to a different folder on the server

Currently Moodle version 3.11.2 

I have 2 H5P in my Plugins area:

H5P mod_h5pactivity 202105170


H5P mod_hvp 1.22.3 2021061100

On the settings for the HUB

Beto Boton

Carlos Alberto (Beto) Boton


4556 Buderim



Content Type - Course Presentation - DEPRECATED, also

Content Type - Drag Text - DEPRECATED

do NOT upgrade automatically They show the following message (below)


You're trying to upload content of an older version of H5P. Please upgrade the content on the server it originated from and try to upload again or turn on the H5P Hub to have this server upgrade it for your automaticall.

HOW do I have these contents (dozens of them in 6 different courses) to be updated automatically?

It seems HUB IS turned on!!!

I downloaded the H5p file uploaded to, downloaded again to my local machine, then uploaded to the server as a NEW H5P content and it worked.

Deleted the deprecated version and it is done.

BUT THIS METHOD will take a VERY long time

Any other solutions?

Thanks for any help

Kind Regards

Beto Boton