cannot find crossword content in our moodle

New to all of this. I tried searching for this topic, but didn't see anything. Please excuse if the answer has been posted.

Our school uses Moodle. It has H5P activated and it is great. I usually browse to see examples and then go to our school's moodle to create the H5P activity. However, I do not see the Crossword activity when creating the H5P activity. I order the content types A-Z. It goes from Course Presentation to Dialogue Cards, skipping Crossword. (This also happens below in this form, just above the save button. I do not see Crossword

How can I install the Crossword content activity? Is there something I must do or does the moodle administrator for our school have to do something? Does the moodle version affect certain content types? (I believe we are using version 3.9.)


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Hi greg3egb,

Your Moodle administrator needs to install the libraries for Crossword, either by clicking the "get" button in the hub or downloading and uploading the sample content.