Unable to interpret response error when upload h5p file to Moodle

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The attached image showed the error message "(500) Unable to interpret response" that I ran into when uploading a h5p file to Moodle as interactive content. The same h5p file can be uploaded to h5p.com without issue.

Anyone out there have any idea what this error mean or how could I fix this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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Have you checked the error log as the message suggested? An HTTP resonse with code 500 is just a very general message telling you that something went wrong on your server.


In Site Administration > Development there is a Debugging section. In there, try setting Debug Messages to DEVELOPER, and then tick the box under it (Display Debug Messages). Save the changes. Retry the package and see if you get a better more informative error message. Post that here, if there is one. (Don't forget to turn debugging off again)

Thanks Oliver and frumbert!

With extra developer debugging message turned on, I am still getting the same 500 error with no further message.

Oliver is right, code 500 error is very general. Unfortunately I have no access to the error log at the backend.

The same h5p file has no issue upload to h5p.com, so I am suspecting the h5p plugin in my Moodle (version 1.21.0) may be the cause. I am requesting the hosting company to have it ugraded to latest version, will post update here after I tested it in latest version.




This issue is finally resolved after upgrade the h5p plugin in Moodle to the latest version + extend the maximum execution time at the server (due to subsequent error "PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded")