Interactive video activity completion notification goes to one student


I face a strange behaviour yesterday that one student eceved a completion notification email onf an interactive video which was amin setting up and testing

This is the first time i  noticed such email notification and its went from a secifict interactive video

I checked the email body and found the below tring on the language string

So somebody can advice me where is the setting for assigning this notification email as its going to a student instead of admin or teacher

Also this coming from a specific interactive video which was downloaded form a wordpress h5p and now its used on moodle 3.10.6 with latest h5p plug in

Component :  mod_hvp

String :  emailnotifybody

Text : 

Hi {$a->username}, {$a->studentname} has completed '{$a->hvpname}' ({$a->hvpurl}) in course '{$a->coursename}'. You can review this attempt at {$a->hvpreporturl}.


The email looks like this


Hi (student name),

System Administrator has completed 'h5p activity name' ( in course '(coursename)'.

You can review this attempt at